50 Cent and Lil Wayne are no strangers to controversy but they've been under fire in the last few days over their recent conversation on Young Money Radio. Though they touched on this success of Cash Money and Young Money, 50 Cent made some disparaging remarks towards Black women. While Wayne didn't necessarily contribute to the conversation, he laughed and his complicity gained further backlash. 

Fif's ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox recently clapped back at the remarks during an appearance on Cocktails With Queens. "He just has such fuckboy tendencies," she said. "When I read that, I was like, 'Really? You would say that.' 'Cause you don't want anyone to challenge you. Or talk to you -- want somebody to sit there like a pretty little dog that you can just pay, right? Can't handle a Black woman, can you?"

As the clip made rounds on social media, 50 Cent took to Instagram where he claimed that she's still angry with him 17 years after they dated. "Vivica still in love with me, i dated her for 4 months 17 years ago and she’s still angry with me. I’m starting to feel like my [eggplant emoji] is serious. LOL."

Just hours before, he reposted the conversation he had with Lil Wayne and doubled down on his comments regarding "Angry Black women."

"The Shade Room ain’t shit for this," he wrote. "what i said is true now picture me, unaffected,unapologetic and unavailable for any other comments."