If 50 Cent sees something that he doesn't like, he will point it out. If there's one thing we know about him, it's that he doesn't hold back. He's gone back and forth with Instagram about their constant censorship of his content as he's been known to post some risqué material. If you're on his bad side, you will hear about it frequently and repeatedly. While his main targets are Ja Rule and Floyd Mayweather, he often pokes fun at his peers in a joking manner. Today, he decided to roast 2 Chainz over a pair of sneakers he said he was into. 

This weekend's ComplexCon featured some impressive performances and anticipated panel conversations to determine things like the "sneaker of the year." With plenty of custom kicks being showcased and opportunities to bag some of the most hyped products of the year, 2 Chainz was feeling one silhouette in particular. He showed off a custom Versace shoe on Instagram, noting that it was co-designed by Takashi Murakami. Previously taking aim at Michael Blackson's rainbow attire, 50 Cent was not feeling too strongly about these colorful kicks either. He chose not to bash 2 Chainz. Instead, he roasted the shoe itself, writing, "Nah bro we can’t do this to the gang."

Fiddy rarely takes risks when it comes to his style. He would much prefer to keep things classic in a suit than to rock some flashy shoes. Are you feeling the Versace sneakers or are you siding with Fif?