He's typically the one who does the trolling, but 50 Cent is the one being teased this time around. Fif and his girlfriend Jamira Haines, also known as Cuban Link, have often playfully poked fun at each other, but she used a TikTok trend to get him in this latest round. The "This Is Your Man" TikTok trend was launched after an audio clip from The Steve Wilkos Show went viral. In the real episode of the show, Wilkos questions a woman who is enduring domestic violence from her lowlife boyfriend, and the host wanted to know why she stays with him.

"This is your man?" Wilkos asks her while pointing to a screen that shows her boyfriend backstage. She answers, "That's mine." Wilkos said, "And that's what you're gonna settle for." She responds, "I'mma stick beside him." The audio has become one of TikTok's most popular trends, especially with couples who are trolling each other, and Jamira added her name to the list. 

Jamira Haines, 50 Cent, All Things Fall Apart
Eugene Gologursky / Stringer / Getty Images

Haines used the photo of a sickly and emaciated 50 Cent from over 10 years ago when he was preparing for his role in the film All Things Fall Apart. The Rap mogul reportedly dropped 50 pounds for the part, and at the time, the images surfaced before an explanation was given. Several of Fif's foes have used the photo to taunt him over the years, and now it's his girlfriend's turn to drop jokes.

Next to several crying laughing emojis Haines wrote, "I’m out the house after this one !! #sorrybabyhadtodoit." Check out Haines's post below