50 Cent stays winning. After performing alongside his labelmate and brother Eminem at Coachella these past two weeks, the Queens-bred rapper got some good news from Sony. His crime-drama (not Power, although that one is also amazing) The Oath has been renewed for a second season. According to Varietythe first season of The Oath is Sony's streaming service Crackle’s most-watched original series ever. It also boasts the highest viewer-retention rate on the streaming service, meanings fans just can't get enough of the ten episodes that were all released at once.

The Oath is executive produced by 50 Cent, and was created by L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. Deputy Joe Halpin, who served on the force for almost two decades. His insight into the corruption within the police system, and the inner workings of police gangs and street gangs, gives The Oath a gritty and enthralling plot that is absolutely addicting. 

In typical 50 Cent fashion, the master mogul took to Instagram to announced/denounce the second season being renewed in a hilarious fashion. "No don’t believe nothing these people say. 😳what, I’m broke as a mother fucker😡get the strap," wrote 50 in the post. Apparently, he's still "broke."