50 Cent addressed Nick Cannon and Eminem's beef and Nick's diss track toward him on The Breakfast Club, where he proclaimed that Nick has "been corny forever." In the interview, Fif was asked if he really did tell Em not to go after Nick after his Nick's diss track saga, which he confirms is true. “I was like, ain’t nothing there,” he said. “Cause Em, he’ll get hype and go 'what?'" Like you challenging him in that way. Cause he comes from that format, the battle format. They actually put him in a space where he’s the most comfortable when they attack at him.”

Fif has become more and more involved in the never-ending Em/Nick beef as of late, especially since Nick revealed that his track, “Used to Look Up to You," is actually about Fif rather than Em, contrary to popular belief. “I would never respond to that,” Fif declared. “He is legendary corny. He’s been corny forever, from the very beginning."

50 Cent Nick Cannon corny fire shots beef Eminem dragDimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for VEVO

Charlamagne gave Nick a bit of credit by noting that he is "a great businessman" and that "the only thing that makes him look corny is his rapping." Fif agrees, questioning why Nick is "so passionate" about rapping, considering he "sucks" at it.  “I’ma just tell you the truth," Fif says, addressing Nick. "There’s never a moment when you said something and we was like, ‘Ooo, bars.’” While he may not be impressed with Nick's skills on the mic, Fif does think he's an okay actor. He claims that he would even consider casting him in Power Book series if he did a good job, which we're now dying to see happen.