Nicki Minaj's retirement announcement has met some opposition in 50 Cent

As the Queens-bred rapper revealed that she would be planning to step away from her career in order to focus on starting her family with her fiancé Kenneth "Zoo" Petty, Fif took to Instagram with a fairly mild response.

"Both these niggas crazy, but you know you gotta love it SOUTH SIDE," he penned in a caption underneath a photo of Nicki and Zoo. "I don’t want @nickiminaj to retire just take a break." 

With this revelation, 50 merely echoed the sentiment of the vast majority of hip-hop lovers as the general consensus seems to be settled around Minaj opting to take a break to build a family rather than call it quits entirely.

Naturally, the news came as quite a shock with Minaj abruptly announcing it via her Twitter feed earlier in the week. It upset her fanbase so much, in fact, that she had no choice but to issue an apology for the manner in which she revealed her plans.

"In hindsight, this should’ve been a Queen Radio discussion & it will be," she tweeted. "I promise u guys will be happy. No guests, just us talking about everything. The tweet was abrupt & insensitive, I apologize babe.”