50 Cent's been engulfed in a legal battle with HipHopDX over the past few months. It all stemmed from when 50 Cent sued the hip hop website for allegedly using one of his Instagram posts without his permission. HipHopDX then counter-sued with a defamation suit against the rapper for allegedly tarnishing their reputation by dubbing them "fake news." However, a new reports indicates they've partially settled in their legal battle.

50 Cent has taken a $20K payment from HipHopDX to settle his lawsuit against the site for allegedly using his photo without permission, The Blast reports. However, HipHopDX's counter suit against 50 still stands.

"The owners of HipHopDX offered Mr. Jackson a judgment against them in the amount of $20,000 to resolve his claims, which he accepted.” 50 Cent's lawyer, Stephen Savva said.

He added, “We have not agreed to resolve the counter-claim filed against him at this time. We plan to aggressively litigate that matter, as we believe it is frivolous and an unfounded attempt to abridge Mr. Jackson’s First Amendment right of free speech.”

After HipHopDX filed the counter-suit, 50 said the website was threatening his right to freedom of speech. He explained that if the defamation case continues, it would “open a floodgate of defamation suits by news organizations against the very subjects of their news reports for simply criticizing or refuting the reports as ‘fake news.'”

We'll keep you updated on the counter-suit.