Earlier this month, James Rosemond, known in the hip-hop world as "Jimmy Henchman," was granted a new trial for the 2009 murder-for-hire of Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher, an associate of G-Unit's. 

A jury found him guilty of his involvement in the murder in late 2014, and he had been sentenced to life plus an additional 20 years in March of this year. That sentence has now been declared void, as a judge from a higher court has decided that the judge presiding over the original trial acted improperly. Henchman is also serving a wholly separate life sentence, as he was convicted in late 2013 for his leadership of a drug trafficking operation. 

50 Cent has reacted to news of Henchman's retrial via Instagram by posting pictures of court documents that seem to suggest that Henchman has acted as an informant in past cases. 50 also called out DJ Vlad, who was able to get an interview with Henchman shortly after the recent overturning of his murder sentence. The interview has since been deleted from YouTube, though 50 shared a clip of himself listening to Vlad's conversation with Henchman, and his smile lights up during the parts that might implicate the former mogul as a snitch. 

"Here is the paper work on OG Rat Jimmy," wrote 50. "Vlad scared of that fool, saying 50 called you a rat. Read the paper fool. He been telling since the 90s." “I don’t want any aspect of the fact that he has tried to cooperate to make — to made public,” Henchman's lawyer is quoted as saying in one of the passages highlighted by 50.  

Henchman, who is often named as a suspect in the infamous NYC shooting of 2Pac in 1994, is a noted rival of 50 Cent's, for the killing of Lodi Mack and also because he was The Game's manager when the beef between the Compton rapper and 50 was at its peak. They also faced off in a 2006 lawsuit over a DVD in which Henchman used footage of 50 without his consent.