These days, 50 Cent's social media profiles are a mix of hilarious memes and wholesome family content with his son Sire. Of course, with their strained relationship, Marquise Jackson has been nowhere to be seen on the page. Fiddy rarely offers fans a glimpse into his life before he became a rapper. We've all heard the stories about him being shot nine times and surviving but before that, what happened to morph him into the successful businessman he is today? It seems he's always been running laps around his competition as he shared a few photos of himself as a youngin on Instagram, looking as jacked as a five-year-old will ever appear.

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur offered a rare glimpse into his childhood, uploading a collage of photos that show him running on the field. "I was looking like I was hardcore training at 5 LOL," wrote the artist. From the first picture alone, Fiddy looked like a kid that you didn't want to mess with. Seriously, he looks like he was beating kids down in pre-school. Some things never change.

Many of his recent posts have been bonding sessions with his son Sire as the holidays near. Fif may seem to have a cold heart at times with the content he posts but he clearly loves his son to death.