50 Cent can be counted on for your daily dose of laughs, face-palms and more and all you need to do is tune into his regular posts on social media. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur keeps himself busy by putting other people down, poking them when they're defeated and jeopardizing on their misfortunes. His regular targets include Floyd Mayweather, Teairra Mari and Wendy Williams but this morning, he decided to call out one of the women who slid into his inbox.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Rarely does 50 Cent ever show glimpses of his romantic life online. In fact, he's pretty much kept that side of his livelihood hidden for a minute. Today, he was admittedly annoyed by one woman who has been texting him, exposing her on his social outlets and letting everybody know he's not an ATM machine -- even though nobody took him for one. 50 Cent received some late-night booty-call-hour text messages from his girl who said that she feels "halfway whole" but can't figure out how to "take her heart away from him." Fiddy's response was simple; all he sent back was an emoji with a raised eyebrow. Receiving that, it could mean several things so the rapper was safe. However, he exposed both himself and his girl when he posted what he was about to say on Instagram.

"Stop all this bullshit right now," he wrote. "Just send me your cash app." Clearly, 50 Cent assumes that this girl is just looking for his money and even though he never actually sent the text message, nearly 23 million of his followers have checked out the post. Good move on his part?