Yesterday, 50 Cent found himself once again caught in the crossfire, as unnamed assailants shot up the "Get The Strap" video set. Though no stranger to gunfire, it seems unlikely that 50 himself was the catalyst, despite his rapidly expanding shit-list. Many aspiring sleuths have attributed the violence to 6ix9ine's presence, going so far as to cite potential links to Chief Keef. After all, Keef's reputation is far from docile, and 6ix9ine himself said that fans warned him the Chicago rapper was a dangerous foe. In any case, it's difficult to say, though many of the song's authors have been no stranger to animosity.

Harrowing as the incident may have been, that hasn't stopped 50 Cent for offering up his own theory. Though the "stop snitching" movement seems to remain in full effect, is it really snitching if you're merely trolling? Taking to Instagram, 50 put forth his own signee Uncle Murda as prime suspect, citing his on-set presence as a chief exhibit. "Now that I think about it @unclemurda was looking mad suspect," writes 50. "I think he shot the video up. LOL"

The notion would prove rather bizarre, seeing as Murda is in fact featured on the upcoming banger. Clearly, 50 Cent continues to take the piss out of any-and-everything, going so far as to make light of his own music video being shot up. They simply don't make them like that anymore.