50 Cent has no patience for Joe Budden, and while many may attribute hostilities to Budden and Em's recent war of words, their shared history actually runs deeper. You might not know that Joey and G-Unit (complete with The Game) once went head-to-head back in 2004, with Budden's "Heartbeatology," "Game Over," and "Big Shot" serving as his primary volleys. Now, Fif has once again taken to trolling his old sparring partner, no doubt feeling revitalized by a budding feud with Ebro

It's possible the footage of his impressive Summer Jam chair-snatch had him feeling nostalgic, as 50 has come through with another blast from the past. In 2009, Joe Budden found himself crossing paths with the Wu-Tang Clan, after he disrespected the M-E-T-H-O-D, Man. Such provocations ultimately prompted Raekwon to sic the goons on him, and Joey found himself nursing a black eye for his troubles. 50 Cent has had no qualms with reopening old wounds, taking to Twitter to share a reminder of the fallout, along with an inflammatory caption: "Joe got a history of getting popped in the eye. LOL.

He also takes a moment to laugh at the ongoing Offset vs Joe Budden feud, which popped off after Joey offered his thoughts on Cardi B's ongoing legal saga. 50 seemed to find the mental image of Joe Budden jetting from a Barnes and Noble, presumably leaving whatever book he was perusing behind. With 50's Instagram seemingly reserved for fast cars and fetish photography, it seems that Twitter is, for the time being, strictly for the antics.