We went a whole week without 50 Cent on Instagram. Some people -- like Young Buck, Wendy Williams and Naturi Naughton -- were likely pleased about his social media hiatus. Still though, he took his trollery to Twitter for his seven days of inactivity, managing to roast people to a lesser degree all week. Announcing that he would be returning this morning, the global superstar kept to his word and unleashed a flurry of posts upon us, dropping four straight uploads about his return and even stomping out a police car.

For his comeback post, Fif opted to use a photo of Rick James cursing out a bunch of folks, channelling his energy and asking if anybody missed him. "Shut your bitch-ass up," he wrote on the picture. He then followed that up with some typical Power promotion before plugging his upcoming series with ABC called For Life. The program, which will be inspired by the life of Isaac Wright Jr, is set to debut soon and Fif has been sharing plenty of highlights from behind-the-scenes. In this shot, he stands atop a police car and smashes through the windshield with his foot. An appropriate return, if you ask me.

Welcome back, Fiddy. Did you miss him or nah?