Just short of hell freezing over, there are events in the hip-hop world that will come across to the large percentage of readers and viewers out there as utterly shocking. 50 Cent, rapper-turned-TV mogul, voluntarily burying one of his social media trolling beefs with another celebrity would classify as one such incident. Today, Fif shared a video of him backstage at the set of one of his most frequent meme targets, vowing to "make up" with her once and for all.

The woman in question is, of course, Wendy Williams. The controversial TV host has been in the rapper's crosshairs a lot over the past year, from her bizarre fainting mishap on live TV to her awkward hot tub picture that she shared while on vacation, 50 hasn't been shy about using Williams as fodder for his own social media trolling obsession. That being said, Fif is willing to bury the hatchet by appearing on the daytime personality's eponymous talk show.

Presumably there to promote Den of Thieves, his upcoming heist film, he admitted that it "was time" for him to make up with Williams. "I know everybody's like, 'What,' but [...] might as well go over and say 'What's up.'" There's no telling what 50 will actually say during his spot on the show, nor is there any indication that he and Williams have something special planned or have set aside time to discuss his trolling of her in great detail. All that's for sure is that there will now be a whole lot more people tuning into the program, just to see what happens.

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