Over the past few weeks, an Australian artist has painted 50 Cent's face onto the bodies of several world figures. It was first Mao Zedong, a Chinese leader, then his face was painted onto the bodies of Taylor Swift and Donald Trump. Fif's seemingly taken a liking to these portraits, though he's jokingly expressed his frustrations towards the artist.

Lushux, the artist behind these murals, shared his recent masterpiece titled 50 Pence. Fif's face was painted onto Mike Pence's head -- big ears and all. Truthfully, it could be one of the best murals yet in Lushux's series of 50 Cent paintings. 

"This fucking guy won’t stop, SMH 🤦‍♂️I guess i’m not wearing a mask because i’m tested frequently," 50 Cent wrote in the captions. Of course, this is in reference to Mike Pence's visit to Mayo Clinic where he refused to wear a mask, despite the clinic stating that all visitors are required to wear a mask.

Fif later shared a video of the painting with a caption directed at the artist. "wait how does this even happen, what is this guys problem with me. fucking lunatic," Fif wrote. "I need a drink."

Maybe one day Fif will end up hiring the artist to do some work for him. Despite the apparent complaints, there's gotta be a part of 50 Cent that's flattered by all of this.