A girl named Treasure has stunned the public with her claims of being White and her fierce racism against Black people. This combination might not usually be so shocking, considering American history, but this teen is Black. The many levels of absurdity have caught the public's attention when she appeared on The Dr. Phil Show.

Black Twitter has already dragged the girl like a cane-less pimp's leg after her television appearance. 50 Cent set out to pile onto the filthy read with his particular brand of trolling. He latched onto some people's jokes about how Treasure can't be a true White girl since she doesn't even wear braces.

Fifty uploaded a montage depicting the teen, with a focus on her mouth. Her teeth are placed beside the Batman logo for comparison.

😆LOL look like she eat the food, the fork, the spoon and the knife. Talking about black people are ugly Batman mouth

This comes after a woman claiming to be Treasure's sister called her out on social media, saying that the whole situation presented on Dr. Phil's show was fabricated. According to the "sister," Treasure's mom was after a vacation and a cheque. This goes against how Phil explained the situation during his interview on The Breakfast Club