50 Cent is a rapper who has been making headlines more for his social media shade-throwing activity than his musical output. That, however, might change in a hurry, as it was just announced today that he's linking up with Gucci Mane for what will surely be one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year.

The track is titled "On Something." Taken from the Beats 1 YouTube page, the preview video lasts just under a minute, but it should nevertheless effectively whet the appetites of hip-hop fans for the world over. It's a nice strategic move for Fif to team up with Gucci, seeing as Mr. Davis has had one of the most stellar years of any emcee on the planet. The beat, minimalist as it is, is more than enough to get at least a nice head nod going, with some piano chords added over top of it for good measure. The vocal delivery is classic 50 - effortless flow combined with the intimidation factor that made him a star back in the early 2000's with Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. Of course, there's no enough material present in the video alone to make a final judgement on the track, but from what the preview has put out there, this should be another banger that both rappers will ride to chart success.

"On Something" is also being billed as the theme song to 50 Central, Mr. Jackson's latest TV endeavor with the BET network. He remains one of the major creative forces behind the show, in addition to playing a major role on the set and behind the scenes of Power, the STARZ series that was No. 2 in premium cable ratings this year, behind only Game of Thrones. With this new track, 50 Cent could have another certified radio hit on his hands, territory he has not explored that much over the course of this decade. This is where the casting of Gucci Mane as his featured artist comes in to play as a strong personnel move, but only time will tell if it pays off fully down the road.

You can also check out his recent discussion with DJ Whoo Kid on The Whoolywood Shuffle, where he touches on this new track, upcoming music and more. Peep it below.