It looks like Season 5 of Starz’s hit series, Power, is going to be another good one. To catch you up to speed, last season ended on an emotional roller coaster as Ghost's daughter, Raina, was fatally shot due to the wrong doings of her brother Tariq. Then, with Tariq in trouble in the season finale, Ghost & 50 Cent, who plays Kanan, reunite after years of beefing to come to the defense of Tariq and save his life in a turning of good to evil from Kanan.

While things look to have left off on a good note with Kanan & Ghost on the same side trying to now take down Dre (played by artist Rotimi), it appears 50 Cent is putting a little plot twist in the next season.

On Wednesday night, Fif took to his Instagram page to share a photo of Tariq unconscious in a trunk of a car, alluding that he’s turned on Ghost and his family once again. Fif captioned the post with “POWER season 5, l change my mind fuck this kid and Ghost. l want my fuckin corners back.”

It’s pretty clear based on the comments of his post that fans are happy to see Tariq in the trunk (due to him causing his sister’s death). Some people were saying “Thats wassup” & “Fuck that kid he too soft,” while others were open about their excitement for the upcoming season. “Cant Wait” & “You playing w our emotions” are just some of the other comments left.

While we’ll have to wait till Summer time to catch Season 5, it’s definitely looking like 50 Cent has some tricks up his sleeve for us.

Check out 50’s latest post (below) and let us know what you think! Who’s happy to see Kanan turn on Ghost & Tariq again?