If there's one thing 50 Cent seems to derive great pleasure from, it's asserting his own dominance over, well, anything and everybody. Having developed a reputation for his tenacity, Fif tends to walk away on top no matter the medium; we've seen him excel in the world of music, and now he's settled into the role of television mogul quite nicely. With Power on Starz and For Life on ABC lining his resume, Fif recently took to Instagram to tease another new endeavor. 

50 Cent Netflix

Jemal Countess/Getty Images

"Coming soon!" captions Fif, alongside an image of the Netflix logo. "I mean i’m coming wait a minute! you already know, #1 STARZ POWER, #1 ABC FORLIFE now what you want to Bet i do it again at [Netflix.]" At this point, it's unclear if Fif has already set his sights on a new property -- one thing is certain, however, in that he's looking to bring whatever he's got cooking to Netflix. Should be he working on an original series, whatever it is will mark his first collaboration with the streaming giant.

Check out Fif's post below, and chime in -- have you found yourself enjoying the television properties 50 Cent has helped bring to life? And if so, will you be tuning in to check out whatever he's got in the pipeline?