In the last week, 50 Cent has probably spent over a million dollars on new cars. He's laid down stacks on a new Lamborghini, a Rolls-Royce, and a brand new Ferrari. It's the holiday season and Curtis decided to spoil himself rotten since nobody else will do it. Instead of preaching "positive vibes" like he started doing in November, Fiddy has reverted to "get the strap" mode. He rang in Christmas by rehashing a few of his biggest feuds, calling out Floyd Mayweather for his car collection. He also has been spending time on Wendy Williamssharing her "before-and-after" photos and crowning her the "world's most famous side chick." Now, Fif is back to his preferred target, antagonizing Floyd Mayweather even further in a new video.

Keeping in line with his thematic content for this week on Instagram, Fiddy showed off one of his luxury vehicles, flexing an exotic whip before claiming Floyd has been biting his style. "Soon as I go all white, champ start talking about how he wanna go all black everything. I want you to read the shit I'm saying to you right now, champ. You ain't got shit on me, n***a! I'm King Kong out this motherfucker!"

"Money" Mayweather has yet to comment on Fif's latest tactics. So far, the renewal of this beef has been pretty one-sided.