Stacey Dash and her husband Jeffrey Marty are currently in the process of getting a marriage annulment following the lawyer's claims that he was "hypnotized" by Dash to exchange vows with him. According to court documents, Marty claims that Dash and her pastor cast a spell on him, "unexpectedly and suddenly proclaiming that it was God's will" that they get married.

The Clueless actress is not fighting her estranged husband's claims, also looking to end their rocky relationship. 

The story has been getting looks from pop culture magazines and websites around the globe and now, everyone's favorite commentator 50 Cent is chiming in with his thoughts. According to his post on the matter, he empathizes with Jeffrey Marty as he too has been hypnotized by a woman before.

"Yeah man a bitch did that to me with some pussy one time too," wrote Fif on Instagram. He continued by laughing at the report. "LOL HYPNOTIZED."

If you've got 50 Cent's attention on social media, you know that you probably did something wrong. 

Fiddy has been active on social media today, also commenting on the horrific shooting of Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man who was breaking up a verbal altercation between two women in his neighborhood.