Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made the controversial decision to lift the mask mandate on Tuesday, which was set in place to protect Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, also announcing the re-opening of all businesses one hundred percent. The executive order was immediately called into question by thousands of social media commentators who argued that it was too soon to risk the lives of Texans by re-opening non-essential businesses, especially with such a limited number of residents presently vaccinated. 

While many have spoken out to debate that the timing isn't right to make a risky move like this, others are fully supporting Gov. Abbott's decision to re-open, including 50 Cent, who may even be planning a move to Texas as a result.

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Re-posting a news report about Gov. Abbott's divisive move, the rapper-turned-television producer chimed in on the matter and said that he wants to set up roots in Texas because of mask mandate being lifted. "I'm headed to Texas f*ck this," he said on Instagram, adding a running emoji and a steam emoji to indicate how quickly he plans to pack his bags and fly over.

This has proven to be an eyebrow-raising decision from Gov. Abbott, but with President Joe Biden's announcement that the United States will have enough vaccines for every American in the next few months, it does seem like we could be nearing a turning point in the pandemic. In due time, we'll be outside. We just need to be patient and safe in the meantime.

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What do you think about Texas easing up on COVID restrictions?