Nobody is immune to 50 Cent's troll-like antics -- he's coming at anybody and everybody this holiday season, and that includes the love of his life, Jamira "Cuban Link" Haines.

The couple first debuted their love at the Power live screening at Madison Square Garden, and since then, they've posted periodical reminders to let the world know they're still very much an item. According to Fiddy's latest post on Instagram though, there's some "tension" brewing between them on Christmas Eve, with the rap legend sharing a photo of an angry message, which he is playing off as though she left it on his car.

"I know you in the house with a b*tch," writes the message, which Fif wants us to believe is on his car. He added a caption, seemingly issuing a warning to his girlfriend of over a year-and-a-half.

"If y’all see @_cuban_link tell her I said if she don’t come back to the house, I’m gonna give all her shoes away on Ebay," he wrote in the caption. With all of the glamour shots that Cuban Link shares on her personal page, it would be an absolute nightmare for all of her shoes to vanish. She better stay on her best behavior with 50 Cent, giving him the best gifts possible tomorrow.

Brad Barket/Getty Images