50 Cent has done everything in his power to emasculate fellow NY rap veteran Jim Jones. Their initial exchanges on Social Media were primarily based around Jim Jones' loving servitude of girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin. Of course, sharing love and affection is how couples stay the course over the long haul, but don't ask 50 Cent, his romantic track record is something of a travesty. Had he only bit the bait on Vivica while she was warming up.

Just  yesterday Jim Jones was caught on the wrong side of the law during a speed chase with law enforcement. While he wasn't behind piloting the vehicle, Jim Jones was in the backseat alongside copious amounts of marijuana, oxycodone, Percocet, THC oil, and get this.. two loaded pistols. The Dipset Capo was subsequently released on $7,000 bail.

50's natural reflexes drew him in. He jumped on Instagram posting a doctored image of Jim Jones with the words "I Hate You 50" positioned in the top right corner, this after posting his mugshot, a maneuver he wasted no time letting off while Capo lay defenseless. The caption read: "For what!!! l said get the strap, Not go on a high speed chase and get caught with it."