To my surprise, JR Smith has many people defending his case after Game One's blunder, unfortunately 50 Cent is not on of them. As a Knicks fan, 50 Cent had to endure many JR Smith gaffes, while the shooting guard was playing for his beloved team. Apart from his 6th man of year performance, JR has always been a mercurial talent, who showed glimpses of taking his game to a higher level. Unfortunately his IQ for the game is what sets him back a few steps. For that reason, 50 cent has warned him that he is regrettably close to "Getting The Strap."

50 Cent reiterated his "Get His Strap" gag this afternoon, on Instagram (of all places). Apparently the joke hasn't lost its significance, even after Hell Rell took his to heart, measuring up with an actual firearm in response. JR Smith's doctored photo reinvestigates the scene of Childish Gambino's "This Is America" video where a blind folded hostage is shot execution style. In lieu of Gambino, LeBron face is photo shopped, pointing a handgun at JR Smithw who is seated and pretty oblivious to  the situation.

In his defense, JR Smith didn't actually squander the game in its entirety, only a perfect opportunity to seal a Win for his side. Never the less, JR Smith continuously lives up to his "Hennessy God" nickname, with bone headed mistakes. What's your take on his latest gaffe? Does he have a case for his innocence?