The Republican party seemed so pleased with 50 Cent's fleeting endorsement, going so far as to flaunt his support with photoshopped pictures and smug gloating. It didn't take long for Fif to change his tune, however, following a tongue lashing from the one that got away, Chelsea Handler. Since then, Fif has seemingly been relishing in watching the chaos unfold, taking to Twitter to react to Donald Trump's slippery hold on the United States Presidency -- a position he might not be holding for much longer.

50 Cent Donald Trump

Dave Simpson/WireImage/Getty Images

Yesterday, we saw 50 Cent poke fun at Trump's precarious position, alluding to the possibility that the controversial President will see jail time following his defeat. "Man they gonna do Trump dirty, he going to jail. you ever herd a president say stop counting the fucking votes," captioned Fif, alongside an amusing meme. "LOL SMH." Now, he's doubled down in the meme department, sharing one that has been in wide circulation of late -- a TIME magazine cover positioned to read "TIME to go."

Offering a shrug for all of Trump's troubles, 50 doesn't seem entirely concerned with the possibility of a Joe Biden victory. And at this moment, such a victory is looking exceedingly likely, with Biden having overtaken Trump in hotly contested states of Georgia and Pennsylvania. In fact, Fif seems to be actively looking forward to the possibility of seeing Donald Trump in prison, sharing a reimagined photoshop of his likeness, hardened by years of time-served in the slammer. "If the election keeps going in this direction, Trump is gonna need @isaacwrightjr to fight his case," he captions, alluding to his ongoing TV series For Life. "LOL."

Check out Fif's latest memes below, and stay tuned for election updates as they arrive.