Bobby Shmurda is back home and though it's been six years since we've seen or really heard from him, he seems to be in good spirits, reciprocating the same type of excitement his fans have for his release. Everyone's been excited about his release. Even Norm Kelly, the Toronto City Councillor who went viral over his tweets, returned to the social media platform for the first time since 2019 to welcome Bobby backEveryone is excited

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

If a 79-year-old politician from Toronto is ecstatic over Bobby's release, you can only imagine how New York City's feeling right now. Over the past few years, the debate of the King Of New York has been quite prominent in East Coast hip-hop circles. Most would claim it to be Jay-Z or Biggie Smalls but in a modern era, Bobby's probably the only one fit for the throne. 

50 Cent took to Instagram earlier today where he made sure to celebrate Bobby's return with some shameless promotion of his own Branson Cognac which was apparently being served at Bobby's welcome home bash. "IT’s SHMURDA TIME BOBBY’s HOME, YOU KNOW THE WHOLE CITY READY TO TURN UP," 50 Cent wrote. 

Perhaps, we'll end up seeing Bobby and Rowdy make cameos in one of the many Power spin-offs that 50 Cent has lined up for the future. Check his post out below.