Ever since getting with Jamira "Cuban Link" Haines, 50 Cent has been much more mellow on social media. While he has shown a tamer side to his shenanigans, he may soon be getting back to his old savage ways. 

This weekend, it was reported that Haines deleted the majority of her photos and videos with 50 Cent from Instagram. It's worth noting that she still follows the rapper. However, she fueled breakup rumors by showing her fans her apartment, noting that it had been months since the last time she stepped foot in the property. Did she move out of Fiddy's mansion?

50 Cent Cuban Link
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

After speculation began heating up on social media, Cuban Link sparked even further talk by sharing a cryptic post, which some have tied to her relationship with Fif.

"This lady in the movie said 'If you feel like you're playing tug of war let go of the rope.' I thought that was interesting," she wrote on Instagram Stories. While this could be about anything, people are beginning to assume that she "let go of the rope" after playing "tug of war" with 50 Cent.

Screenshot via Cuban Link's Instagram

Hopefully, this doesn't mean that Cuban and Fif are broken up. They seemed to be a good match. You know what they say though: all good things must come to an end.