Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson and Jamira "Cuban Link" Haines have been together for approximately one year and, at this point in their relationship, there is not much semblance of privacy for either of them. With the quarantine keeping them both home full-time, they could easily be starting to grow tired of each other. Thankfully, it doesn't look like that's the case.

This week, Cuban Link shared a new video with her boyfriend 50 Cent, attempting to catch him slippin'. Without the ability to mess around with side pieces due to the coronavirus, Fif could have resorted to fielding direct messages from potential thotties. As Cuban Link discovered though, that also doesn't seem to be in Fiddy's plans.

50 Cent girlfriend
Presley Ann/Getty Images

During a cuddle session on the couch, the rapper pulled out his phone and started scrolling. Naturally, Cuban found herself getting curious and she decided to see what he was up to. She did so in a secretive manner though.

"Oh nothing, just checking," she wrote, sharing a video where she zooms into 50 Cent's phone in selfie mode, checking in on his social activity. She went on to tag "#wephone" at the bottom, reminding her man that there will be no secrets in their relationships. His phone is not off-limits to her.

Watch the funny video below. 50 Cent can breathe a big sigh of relief now.