You probably know 50 Cent's girlfriend, Jamira Haines, by her IG handle, Cuban Link. While she is also an aspiring corporate lawyer, her identity is strongly tied to her online brand. She has a YouTube channel for makeup tutorials and an IG account dedicated to fitness pointers. Therefore, she is more often referred to by blogs as Cuban Link. It appears 50 Cent felt that this moniker has become so definitive of who Haines is that she had to own an actual Cuban link to live up to it. 

It's very possible that Haines already owned one, but Fifty decided to gift her with a very flashy chain for Valentine's Day. In a since-deleted Instagram post, she showed off her new diamond-encrusted necklace. While most people would be floored to receive such an extravagant piece, Haines suggested that it was a bit too ostentatious for her liking. "idk why he got me this , now i look like i got an album coming out #baguettes," she wrote in her caption. While the face-palm emoji she added in expressed disappointment, there were also some more lovey emojis that offset that sentiment. I'm sure Cuban Link is very grateful for her gift, but just didn't know how to live up to the pressure to spit a bar about her iced-out neck. 

She also displayed what she got for Fif for V-Day: Fashion Nova lingerie. While it was a lot simpler than the chain, her boo must have been left satisfied.