Last week, 50 Cent announced that he would be leaving Instagram for good, switching over to Twitter because of the censorship issues he's encountered on the photo-sharing platform. In the past, he's been targeted for posting a screencap from Teairra Mari's sex tape, as well as a slew of other uploads he's made that violate the strict guidelines set forth by Instagram's corporate offices. After a certain point, he got sick of dealing with their constant attempts to take him down, taking his talents over to Twitter. His IG isn't exactly shut down though as his existing page is now full of bizarre content ranging from exotic cars, silhouettes of curvy women, and sexual fetishes.

At this point, we're not even sure if Fif is still in control of his account. This could very well be a hack. None of the posts have captions, not even a "Get the Strap" thrown in for old time's sake. If you take a look at Fiddy's activity on Twitter, it's very clear that he's the one manning the operation. There are messages geared towards Ebro, Michael Blackson, his baby mamas and other recent subjects of his anger. We're not entirely sure where he's headed with the Instagram content but hopefully, we see Fiddy return in full force, questionable memes and all.

Take a look at some of the bizarre content below and chime in.