50 Cent has a history of getting under people's skin with his incessant trolling and meme-sharing on social media but, this time around, he's good with Power actress Naturi Naughton. The rapper-turned-television producer previously made fun of Naughton's hairline, which led to the two battling it out on social media, but this joke actually made the star laugh. Sharing a relatable Valentine's Day video for women who may be stuck in toxic relationships, 50 Cent ended up getting a giggle out of Naturi Naughton.

50 Cent Naturi Naughton meme
Paul Morigi/Getty Images

"When it's Valentine's Day, but he says he's working late and he'll take you out tomorrow," captioned the meme that 50 Cent shared to his page. The video shows Tasha St. Patrick from Power, played by Naughton, removing her wig and shedding a tear. This is definitely relatable for anybody that is stuck in a relationship with somebody who values their work over their love. Praying that the actress wouldn't get mad at him another time for posting a meme related to her and her acting gigs, 50 Cent crossed his fingers and it ended up paying off. 

Naughton commented, "Now THIS is funny! Can’t front." Thankfully, there is no beef between them over this. What are your plans for Valentine's Day tomorrow night (if your partner isn't too busy to take you out...)