50 Cent has had a bone to pick with Empire and its cast for years now and still seems a bit salty about the hit series. The rapper claims the production that rivals his show Power is constantly stealing his ideas. His latest claims come with photographic proof of the alleged rip-off.

The rapper uploaded a side-by-side comparison of two images. The first features the main cast of Empire lined up in a low-key lit shot. The next picture has a similar concept as it depicts the members of G-Unit in a row.

This is the most recent dig. In 2016, 50 Centridiculed Taraji P. Henson's show, claiming its rates were on the decline.

"Well look at the bright side at least. You can eat your trophies. I was talking to old girl but you felt like you had to respond. SMH you know I love you cookie. I got a new show for you BMF COMING SOON !!!#EFFENVODKA."

"Old Girl" shot back with the quickness.

"For the confused ppl. Do REAL research!!! Loose change makes sooooooo much UNNECESSARY NOISE. STILL LOOKING FOR THAT DAMN CENT SIGN!!! I guess it's obsolete. AGAIN CONGRATS ON YOUR SUCCESS BLACK MAN!!! @50cent."

And most recently, he strolled the actress' appearance. Let's see if she responds to the latest.