As if last week's sleight of hand wasn't enough. 50 Cent's lift the courtesy he'd bestowed upon Wendy in the direct aftermath of her much-publicized meltdown. Unfortunately, the goodwill (convalescence) would only last as the shelf life of an unpasteurized dairy product. Within 24 hours 50 was back on the offensive with a "wounded" Wendy Williams as his target.

And yet, she wasn't the only target on Fiddy's mock-up this past week. Some were too brave for their own good - devoted opponents like Teairra Mari even went as far as to suggest they'd "ended his career." She doesn't lose anything by making such an audacious claim. In turn, her posturing does in itself bring about a far more interesting question about 50 Cent's daily life.

Why is it so difficult to define how 50 Cent keeps busy or earns his keep, besides entrepreneurial posturing he does on social media. These are questions we are evidently not in any position to answer. This week's mixture of rodeo clownery and copyright circumvention made it all the more difficult to get a read on the corruptible man.

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The first order of business, or the last if you're keeping count in linear order, was 50's successful takeover of Teairra Mari's brand sets. Stopping her bag came to be quite easy. All he had to do was trademark the "I Ain't Got It" catchphrase she'd been milking for about a week now, ever since the release of a diss record bearing the same words in its title. To make matters even worse, Mari had just finished printing several batches of tee-shirts bearing the  "I Ain't Got It" catchphrase. So, in essence, unless 50 Cent's copyright claim gets overturned, she can't turn on the tees, or the record itself. Ouch!

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It all hearkens back to the paltry $30,000 in damages awarded to 50 Cent in Mari's revenge porn suit. In the 3 months that passed since the judge ushered a final verdict, no armistice was ever tabled, not even a payment plan, just pure unbridled pettiness. Say what you will, but two things ring true of her diss record debut "I Ain't Got It." For starters, she's from Detroit and she wears it proud - that gets covered ad nauseam within the body of the song. Secondly, you get a real sense she won't ponying the $30k sum the US Marshals come kicking down the door.


Everyone has their own way of dealing with hardship. For Wendy Williams, a fallacious conclusion by commenters like 50 Cent led people to believe that she was partying with her husband's mistress in a purgation of her emotions. That simply was never the case. Nope, the images we all saw of Wendy partying with her former massage therapist were doctored, but not on the photogenic level - only in translation. Turns out the photo 50 Cent used to mock Wendy Williams was taken in 2007, well before she saw ever learned of Sharina Hudson's marriage-killing ways.

"Bet this ain’t gonna be on hot topics Wendy, 50 wrote in an Instagram post making light of the situation. "Had you at the crib licking booty hun you know the Vibes." Days before making he made the above posting, a report was sent to the press by an anonymous source indicating that he had zero intentions of EVER squashing their beef, which leads me to my next talking point: 50 Cent's obsession with Wendy's rehabilitative efforts.

Back in March, Wendy Williams entered a "sober house" as advised by her inner-circle. Unsurprisingly, 50 Cent found a way to center himself in that discussion as well, by insinuating that Wendy was dealing with a crippling crack addiction. "What the fuck kinda Crack make you look like this," 50 Cent wrote on Instagram, a post depicting Williams in a frazzled state, by no means attributable to any such crack paraphernalia.