Throughout the last week, 50 Cent has found himself targeted by a disturbing source: the NYPD. As one of the game's most prominent bully-types, Fif has long taken the piss out of anybody who dare cross him. Yet these days, the boys in blue have been doubling down on their anti-Curtis-Jackson agenda, alternating between doling out fatal threats and painting him as a criminal mastermind. The whole situation popped off when officer Emmanuel Gonzalez essentially placed a bounty on Fif's dome, requesting that the rapper be "shot on sight." Regardless of whether the comment was issued flippantly or sincerely, it remains a gross abuse of power in any sense.

Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Though he'd never admit it, it's likely that the NYPD threat rattled Fif, as well it should. Yet that hasn't stopped 50 from clapping back, raising attention to the escalating situation via Instagram. Today, he shared footage of a press conference, which finds a police officer addressing 50's "threats" against inspector Gonzalez. "I'm asking NY Commissioner O’Neal to charge 50 Cent with aggravated harassment of a police officer. 50 Cent is a threat to law enforcement. 50 should be arrested...50 Cent should go to jail for threatening a law enforcement officer.

50 wastes little time in clapping back. "Look at this fool, he says let me tell you about the threats 50cent made," he writes. "Oh shit there’s no threats. Ok well, I’m asking NY Commissioner O’Neal to charge 50cent with the last 3 murders in New York. Emanuel Gonzalez is a dirty Cop." Hopefully, those reading can gauge Fif's sarcasm, as the ones targeting him don't exactly seem like the subtle types. Hopefully this doesn't get any worse - the day we're hearing 50 Cent was arrested, or worse, would be a dark day indeed.