Earlier today, we reported on some tweets from Two-9 rapper Jace, in which he implied that Drake's "6 God" and "No Tellin" beats were originally his. While he supplied the audio to back it up, the co-producer of "6 God" has now weighed in, revealing that Drake was the original owner of the beats, and that he never heard Jace's take.

“I don’t know why Jace put it on Twitter like that, because I was in the studio the night he did it and we had a conversation. I said, ‘Don’t put it out there that Drake stole it, because he didn't,” Syk told AllHipHop. “Drake had that beat first.”

According to Syk, Jace never even finished his version of the song, recording only one verse. “I told him he should release the record once he finishes it, because it’s pretty cool," said the producer. "But don’t make it seem like Drake stole that from you.”

So far, we haven't heard anything about the origins of "No Tellin," but it'll be harder for Jace to convince people the beat was stolen from him if Syk's story is true. Check out his tweets here.