Without Warning is an apt title - the project, helmed by three of Atlanta’s hottest commodities, was announced literally hours before it dropped. Future & Young Thug pulled the same move last week. Keeping your fans on their toes and aiming to create genuine moments in the culture seems to be goal here, something these Atlanta cats seem to truly excel at. It’s safe to say that Metro Boomin, 21 Savage and Offset of the Migos have definitely put the game in a frenzy with this one.

“Without warning” is also exactly how Offset dunked on 21 Savage throughout this tape - to the point where 21 starts late-album cut, “Mad Stalkers,” by rapping, “hold on, let me kick my shit.” Throughout the entire project it feels like 21 is trying to wrestle the spotlight from Offset. Only, it doesn't feel like he's trying all that hard. Maybe his new boo, Amber Rose, has him a bit too preoccupied to be going toe-to-toe with Offset (who, on the other hand, might be sharpening his lyrical sword even when kicking it with his fiancee, Cardi B). 

Point being, he knows it, we know it, Offset knows it - the newly unleashed Migos member ate this entire tape and it’s clear as day. This isn’t even a shot at Mr. Savage. It’s hard to imagine anyone standing in Offset’s way at this moment in time. If anything, we’re sure Metro and 21 knew what they were doing here; Offset is the chosen one, the next Prince of Atlanta, and the rest of the city is doing its due diligence to put him on.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t even matter all that much, does it? Reducing every rap discussion to "x is better than y" removes all the nuance from the artform. 21 and Offset have completely different styles and the former, to be fair, does indeed kick his shit when he gets the chance. It’s just that since he last got out of jail, back in December of 2015, Offset has hit the gas and never looked back. And this consistency is worth praising. 

Excluding their individual tracks, this newly formed duo have 6 tracks together on this project. So, without further ado, here are 6 moments where Set unapologetically raps circles around his good friend, 21 (and Travis Scott and Quavo for that matter).