600Breezy is making headlines as he plans to move forward with the release of a diss track against FBG Duck, the rapper who was pronounced dead this week after a drive-by shooting.

We'll start this out by sending our condolences to the family of FBG Duck, the rapper who tragically passed away after a shooting in Chicago. One of his opposing rappers, 600Breezy, is moving ahead with his plans to release a diss record against the deceased rising star, calling him out and actually predicting that he would be shot dead.

"Go pick your homie up, bitch ass n***a," says Breezy in the preview. "Them n***as dead on the fucking block/Fat bitch, them diss songs gon' get you fucking shot/Took a few already, next time, your bitch ass in the box."

The comments to the post, which was shared on Instagram, are going after 600Breezy for choosing the most disrespectful time to come through with this record. This probably should have been scrapped. At the end of the day, people are mourning the loss of a son, friend, family member, and more. FBG Duck will be missed by tons of people.

As previously reported, FBG Duck was killed after a drive-by shooting this week. RIP.