600Breezy is tired of Quando Rondo-- so much so that he's ready to risk his own life to square up with the rapper in Chicago.

A few days ago, 600Breezy dared Quando Rondo to perform his new song "End Of Story", which references King Von's death, in his hometown. After Quando's show got canceled in Georgia, he went live to show off his rifle, claiming that he's actually in Chicago right now. Of course, 600Breezy saw that as an invitation to continue antagonizing Quando, dropping his location and requesting for the rapper to pull up.

"This bitch lie so much," said 600Breezy about Quando saying he's in Chicago. "366 e 59th st between calumet and king dr we outside."

This is not the first time that Breezy has called out Quando for capping. After his concert was canceled, Quando deleted his Instagram page, which prompted 600Breezy to state that the rapper was lying about the promoter calling off the show, claiming that Quando was actually responsible for it

Their beef stems from the recent shooting death of King Von. Quando Rondo reportedly had an altercation with Von in the parking lot of an Atlanta nightclub, which led to a bunch of gunfire and several casualties

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Hopefully, this situation doesn't result in anything ugly. Breezy clearly wants the smoke, but this could be dangerous for both men.

Do you think Quando is lying about being in Chicago?