The circumstances surrounding King Von's shooting death outside of an Atlanta hookah lounge remain unclear. 

During an interview with DJ Akademiks, Von's manager detailed his side of the story, explaining that the rapper was being less cautious than he normally would that night. He claimed that, instead of situating himself, he rushed at his rival, rumored to be Quando Rondo or somebody on his team, and punched them right in the face. That story was confirmed by a new video that shows a different angle of the altercation, which allegedly led to a shoot-off involving the police.

600Breezy seemingly saw the video and, after sending a warning to T.I. over his initial reaction to another beef-related shooting in Atlanta, the Chicago representative praised Von for going at his rival in such a fearless manner.

Adding a new post to his Instagram Stories, 600Breezy hyped up the late King Von and said:

"@kingvonfrmdao first punch you buckled his lil ass. . VON Jones jr , VON Tyson , VON st Pierre , Ofn."

If you're a fan of boxing and combat sports, you know that these comparisons are pretty beastly. 600Breezy likened King Von's punch to a blow from Jon Jones, Mike Tyson, and Georges St. Pierre, three of the most dominant fighters in the world.

There has been a lot of misinformation coming out in the days following King Von's shooting death. Prior to deactivating her social media accounts, King Von's girlfriend Asian Doll revealed the rapper's last words, which Von's manager later debunked, claiming that Asian went to a spiritual advisor and spoke to Von in the afterlife. Asian's tweet suggested that Von was upset with his team for failing to protect him that night. However, Von's manager insists that Von was not as careful as usual, jumping out of the car the moment he found out his rival was there.

Rest in peace to O'Block's greatest modern storyteller, King Von.