King Von's uncle recently went on the record to say that, for the rest of Quando Rondo's life, he'll need to be careful around any of the late rapper's associates. That much appears to be true because, in the last two days, two of King Von's Chicago allies have taken trips to Savannah, Georgia, Quando's hometown.

It's unclear what Memo600 and 600Breezy were doing in Savannah, but most of their fans are assuming that it has something to do with Quando Rondo being from there. As we reported, Memo600 took pictures of himself sitting atop the city's welcome sign. Not even twenty-four hours later, it looks like 600Breezy joined him.

"It's boringgggggg," wrote the rapper on Instagram Stories, putting his location as Quando's hood. Again, it's unclear what he was doing there but, given his previous taunts, it's actually very likely that he was in the area to put some pressure on the Never Broke Again artist. 

In the comments to DJ Akademiks' repost, people are calling 600Breezy an "internet gangster", asking why he's publicizing that he's there. If something does happen to Quando, he would definitely be a suspect because of his past comments to Quando, especially when he essentially dared the rapper to perform "End Of Story", his record referencing King Von's death, at one of his shows.

Do you think Memo600 and 600Breezy were just in Savannah to get some grub?