Since coming home from jail just a few months ago, 6ix9ine has been getting into social media spats with pretty well everyone. In fact, it seems like every single week, 6ix9ine is getting into it with someone new. Of course, these tactics always keep him in the news while also keeping the fans engaged when it comes time to drop new music. It's a strategy that worked for 6ix9ine prior to his stint in jail and it's clearly working for him now, so why change? 

One of his more recent foes is none other than Rich The Kid, who has consistently taken shots at 6ix9ine whenever he has found an opportunity to. Well, 6ix9ine found some fodder to shoot back with as he went on Instagram with an out of context photo that shows Rich The Kid talking to what looks like the police. In the caption, 6ix9ine says "Snitchforever" which is an obvious reference to Rich The Kid's "Rich Forever" mantra.

Based on the photo above, there is no context as to why Rich The Kid would be talking to the police so whether or not he is, in fact, a snitch, is debatable, to say the least. However, considering this is 6ix9ine, the lack of context shouldn't be surprising.

When it comes to the rainbow-haired rapper, anything is fair game.