Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine have developed an interesting friendship over recent months, culminating in a) an immortalization on the sexually charged "Barbie Dreams" and b) a commercially successful hit called "FEFE," produced by Murda Beatz. Though the track itself has received mixed reviews from certain anti 6ix9ine parties, it has proven to be a worthy addition to the catalog of both parties; Nicki herself even added it to Queen, as to capitalize on the streaming numbers. Now, the single has been premiered in full glory, with both Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine taking to the stage.

The tone was immediately set upon 6ix9ine's emergence, which found him barreling onto the stage in true bat-out-of-hell fashion. Opting to let the rainbow locks flow, 6ix9ine's energy was impressive to say the least, though his reliance on a backing track was less so. Still, he did hold it down with some high-octane vocals, inviting Nicki to keep the same energy, as it were. Evidently, Minaj opted for a more restrained take, remaining still for the most part; her propensity for delivering live vocals remained in effect, as evidenced by the variances in her vocal cadence.

Peep the performance below, courtesy of 6ix9ine's IG page.