Oh boy, Tekashi 6ix9ine is running rampant this week after "TROLLZ" hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100; an accomplishment that 6ix9ine has been longing for before even before his arrest. Over the past few weeks, he's been finding himself in more and more feuds with people but even as he attempts to agitate them, the majority of people are just shrugging it off.

Now, following his recent number one, he took to the 'Gram to announce that he'd be going on a "seven-day rant" that kicked off earlier today when he called out a slew of rappers. Unfortunately, it extended into this evening when he did an interview with Akademiks about his newly dubbed number one on Instagram Live. For some reason, YK Osiris entered the chat which resulted in a five to six-minute roast session including a full-on imitation of the "Worth It" singer.

YK Osiris hopped on Instagram Live to respond which was the second mistake he made after initially getting involved. "Can you be happy with a number one? Can you be happy?" YK Osiris asked. "Can you get nominated for a Grammy? You gotta stop, my brother. If you sold number one, why didn't you get nominated for a BET Award?"

YK Osiris' entire argument devolved into the harms of social media and the masses being brainwashed. "I don't care 'bout no Instagram because y'all mind so delusional... You think I'm trash? Man, y'all crazy," he said.

After watching 6ix9ine's initial statement and Osiris' response, it's difficult to determine who's more delusional. Check both clips out below.