Tekashi 6ix9ine isn't taking any breaks following a close run-in with would-be chain snatchers this weekend. The rapper recently performed at an Orlando nightclub, jumping into the crowd and nearly parting ways with his $2 million in jewelry. According to multiple sources, the rapper's hat was knocked off his head and fans started yanking at his chains, causing one of them to fall to the ground before it was retrieved by security. While the situation likely annoyed him in the moment, 6ix9ine is getting back to it again this coming weekend, announcing yet another show for his Florida-area supporters.

Sharing the poster for his upcoming concert with Trillerfest at the Miami Marine Stadium, 6ix9ine teased that this would be one of the best performances he's ever done. "THEY SAID HE CANT DO NO SHOWS IN AMERICA," boasted the rapper in his caption. "THIS SATURDAY MIAMI. MIAMI MARINE STADIUM. THE BEST PERFORMANCE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN !! SEE YOU THERE."

Tickets are currently on sale for the show. Judging from how he performed last weekend, you can probably expect him to dive into the crowd once more-- or, if he plays it safe and doesn't want another chain-yanking fan on his neck, he might stay posted on the stage the entire time.

For months, 6ix9ine has been attempting to return to his old trolling ways after being sentenced in a major gang racketeering case. He was released from prison last year, dropping an album upon his return, which ultimately did not perform as well as he had wished. In recent weeks, 6ix9ine has been teasing yet another new era, releasing new NFTs and hinting that another album could be coming.

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