Kooda B, an associate of 6ix9ine that was arrested in connection to the Nine Trey case, is asking the judge to allow him to post bond so he can be released from jail due to the rising concern of Coronavirus. According to Complex, his attorney Lisa Scolari has asked that her client be released on the same $300K bond that he posted last year because he's suffering from asthma, putting him in a higher risk of contracting the virus. 

Scolari told the judge that he was provided with a albuterol inhaler upon his entry into the prison facilities “to address incidents of shortness of breath." She added, “He has needed to use the inhaler at least once in the last month.” Pointing to the "inherently unsafe" prison conditions at this point, she argued, "They are overcrowded, making it impossible to enforce the social distancing necessary to prevent spread of the virus. Inmates live in close quarters, share facilities such as sinks and showers. The MCC also has shortages of soap and disinfectants.”

Unfortunately, the government has opposed this request. They said Kooda B's "reliance on the current health crisis to secure his release—post-conviction and less than three months from sentencing—is unfounded and should be denied.” They also downplayed his severity of his health conditions, claiming he "has a minor form of asthma."