6ix9ine has been a controversial figure since entering the rap game a few years ago. He instantly became a famous troll and his profile grew considerably larger after he was part of a massive federal RICO case that saw him snitch on many of his affiliates. Since coming out of prison, 6ix9ine has continued to be a troll despite the fact the court has ordered him to be on his best behavior while out in the world. These orders haven't stopped him from antagonizing numerous high-profile people, including Lil Reese.

This past week, 6ix9ine has been in Chicago and he steadily been disrespected Lil Reese and those around him. Today, 6ix9ine has been out and about in Chicago as he's been shopping at the mall surrounded by security. There have been plenty of clips showcasing his antics, while others show how he has been purposely avoiding those who seek to cause trouble. 

One of these clips was recently posted by DJ Akademiks and as you can see in the video below, a fan asks 6ix9ine why he is talking bad about Lil Reese, all while filming him. 6ix9ine appears to ignore the fan and continues on his way.

In other recent videos, we see 6ix9ine leaving a jewelry store as soon as some people filming walked in. We also get shots of him making his way throughout the mall with large security guards around him, making sure he makes it out of the shopping excursion, unscathed.

Its clear 6ix9ine won't be stopping with his antics anytime soon, regardless of any legal or personal ramifications.