With so much drama going on legally right now, 6ix9ine decided to cheer himself up by cashing out on a brand new chain. With rapper's chains getting more and more extravagant by the day, Tekashi just upped the ante by a hefty amount, spending big on a My Little Pony-inspired neckpiece featuring real human hair. And if you were expecting the hair to be the colors of a regular horse, you obviously don't know anything about 6ix9ine. Of course, his chain has rainbow hair on it, perhaps cementing it as the best chain in the game right now.

Stating recently that he would soon drop his last music video before he heads to jail "forever," Tekashi brought some positivity into the lives of his Instagram followers as he showed off his new neckpiece. He happily claimed that despite all the "jail stuff" going on in his life right now, he got his hair done and lost 30 pounds on tour. Clearly banking on his appearance, the artist then flexed with his new chain: a My Little Pony piece with rainbow hair flowing freely throughout it. In the clip, Tek says it was made from real human hair, which is a little creepy. On top of that, he says he spent three-quarters of a million dollars on the chain in the caption, making the decision all the more questionable. Who are we to judge though? If he loves it, then he deserves to be able to cop it. 

As his jail situation will surely become clearer in the upcoming days, keep an eye out for Tekashi's next video, presumably for "FEFE," in the near future.