6ix9ine's playbook doesn't exactly require close reading. It basically involves singling out an artist with more acclaim, momentum, or respect than him at the current moment, and proceeding to unleash a salvo of disrespect in their direction.

The details of his strategy were exposed when Lil Durk revealed that 6ix9ine's team actively tried to keep him engaged in their viral back-and-forth, going so far as to offer up a hefty sum in exchange for his cooperation. And though he has since continued to send shots at Durk, the entire Chicago rap scene, and Meek Mill, it would appear that 6ix9ine is setting his sights on a different target altogether. 

 Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage/Getty Images

For whatever reason, the controversial rapper moved to send a subliminal shot at Cardi B, taking to Instagram to offer fans a poll. "If I took women to hotels drugged them and robbed them would I be canceled?" he inquires, a clear allusion to Cardi's infamous revelation that found her doing exactly that, albeit to men. Though he doesn't single out Cardi by name, the inference is clear, leaving fans curious as to what prompted him to drag her into his crosshairs. Not that rationality tends to apply during these circumstances; as stated earlier, it's all part of the plan. 

While Cardi B has yet to respond, it feels inevitable that she will, given how actively she mobilizes at the slightest whiff of disrespect. Yet, artists are growing increasingly cognizant of 6ix9ine's tactics and taking proper measures to stymie them before the insidious roots can settle in. In this case, however, it's entirely possible that Cardi is the spark destined to ignite the gasoline pool. Only time will tell. Check out his clear provocation below, courtesy of Akademiks.