Following the release of his post-jail album, 6ix9ine was thought to be in hiding as his album largely flopped considering how much hype he tried to put behind it. Despite this, 6ix9ine continued to troll from a distance as he would be all over DJ Akademiks' Instagram comments with some disrespect for those who wished ill upon Tekashi. Just a few weeks ago, 6ix9ine found himself in a feud with the likes of Gervonta Davis and now, he is back with some disgusting comments about King Von.

It all started last night when Akademiks reported that Durk's new album The Voice would sell 55K units in its first week. This immediately prompted a reply from 6ix9ine who stopped incredibly, bringing King Von into his beef with Durk.

"Used Von name for sales. Is NOT blackballed has all industry support. 55k and his man was caught in 4K #KingVon REST IN PISS," Tekashi wrote before being reamed out by numerous fans. The comment wasn't taken well but 6ix9ine refused to delete it, in typical Tekashi fashion.

Before the release of 6ix9ine's album, he went on a tour of the United States, including Chicago, where he did nothing but antagonize Von while disrespecting his deceased family members. Needless to say, 6ix9ine doesn't care about how low he goes, and he certainly won't be stopping anytime soon.


Image via Instagram